Boardroom Adviser

Jeremy Schwartz

CEO The Body Shop 2013 – 2018, CEO of Pandora 2018 - 2020, Chairman of Kantar

  • Competitive sustainability
  • Shaping P&L
  • Practical Innovation
  • Digital Transformation

Jeremy Schwartz is renowned for fusing sustainability with commerciality, implementing digital transformation and launching innovative retail products and marketing campaigns.

He was the CEO who led The Body Shop, Pandora and Conival PLC, the Managing Director for L’Oréal UK, and the Marketing Director for News International, Coca-Cola and Sainsbury’s supermarkets. Currently, he is Chairman of the Kantar/WPP Sustainability and Diversity practice and advisor to McKinsey’s Business Transformation practice.

With companies increasingly adopting ESG commitments, Jeremy works with corporate boards to devise standout sustainability programmes with a competitive edge. As Body Shop CEO, he shifted the business model, making 100% of products vegan, travelled to the Amazon to source new ingredients and protect biodiversity by creating income for local indigenous groups, and completed the €1bn sale of The Body Shop from L’Oréal to Natura.

Jeremy has an established set of methods that he has used to implement commercially successful innovations, products and rebrands, sustainable and otherwise. At Coca-Cola, Jeremy created the multibillion-dollar Coke Zero brand, at L’Oréal he launched the iconic “Because You’re Worth it” line, and at Pandora he transitioned from stores to an e-commerce focus, resulting in a 300% increase in share price.

He is particularly adept at managing the shifting models of profit and loss, identifying and engaging multiple key stakeholders, and directing resources towards breakthrough thinking.

At the heart of Jeremy’s leadership strategies lies his commitment to tackling the fear of change which so often stymies individuals and organisations. He has had notable success in building financial incentives for employees and stakeholders and emboldening companies with a sense of purpose.

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