TT Rangarjan – Keynote Speaker

Co-founder of Alma Mater

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Specialist Subjects

  • Spirtituality



  • Hindi


TT Rangarjan, a previous software consultant and entrepreneur, now established as a guru, he is the man behind Alma Mater, a business committed to awakening humanity.


In 1995, whilst a successful software entrepreneur,TT Rangarjan gave up a life of material wealth in response to an inner calling. Responding to his anguish at the preventable suicide of a friend, he decided to invest the rest of his life with people by establishing Alma Mater, an organisation with a difference. Its mission, to awaken humanity. Over the years the Chennai-based institution has helped thousands of individuals transform their lives, live holistically and function from a higher plane than is possible for everyone.


Through experiential programmes that include holistic development for individuals, corporates, schools, spiritual retreats and a monthly magazine, Alma Mater enables people to rediscover their connection to themselves and live their lives in harmony with the laws of the universe.


Today, Alma Mater has branches in Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad.

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