Sjoerd Marijne – Keynote Speaker

Hockey Coach of the Indian Women's National Team and Former Hockey Player

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Specialist Subjects

  • Leadership
  • Ownership Inside The Team
  • Dealing with set backs/disappointments
  • How to create a high performance culture
  • Inspiration, you can do more then you think (think big)
  • Chasing your dream, go outside your comfort zone


  • English


Sjoerd Marijne had a dream to win a medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo with the women’s hockey of India. He didn’t win a medal but something much bigger and that is the hearts of all Indians and inspired 1.3 billion people who saw a team that didn’t win a match at the Rio Olympics and now finished 4th and wrote history for India.

Working with girls he didn’t understand and in a totally different culture without his family he created a high performance culture were every individual was pushed to reach their potential.

In his lecture, based on his passion and drive, Sjoerd Marijne will take you through how he has approached this process and how you can get the best out of your environment and create a high performance culture.

The team and Sjoerd personally have had many setbacks in those 4.5 years but those setbacks have made them stronger and ultimately made them into a team that never gives up where the players were empowered.

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