Harshwardhan Zala – Keynote Speaker

Teen Inventor-cum CEO of a Global Aerospace & Defense company

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Specialist Subjects

  • Change the World: Life of an 14-Years-old CEO
  • Future: I’mPossible
  • Innovation & Emerging Tech in Business
  • Thrive at an early age
  • Purpose-driven Success
  • Dare to Dream
  • Mentorship on Cutting-edge Tech Topics


  • English


Harshwardhansinh Zala from Ahmedabad is not a usual Indian kid. Known as India’s drone wiz, He already has a Handful of patents to His Credit and is The CEO and Founder of Aerobotics7 International.

Son of an Accountant Father and Homemaker Mother, He came up with His First Invention at the age of 10. He Made a Remote-control which could be used to Control and Operate Home Appliances Wirelessly. There was No such Device Available in the Market back then. It helped His Parents to Recognize Harshwardhan’s Talent and Encouraged Him to take it further.” My Parents have certainly been Supportive of Me; Emotionally, Physically and of course financially as much as they can. They have Always stood by Me,” He Says. He took a Loan to Support His Endeavour, His project For Humanity and Repay the loan by Taking Practical Project’s Classes of B.Tech & M.Tech Students at the age of 12.

While Regular 10-year-olds are about stealing a few extra minutes of Television or getting one More chocolate out of Their Mother, He was Thinking about His Next Creation. He would Read Books about various Problems being faced by the World and visits Cyber Cafés and watch YouTube Videos about These Problems. Since

Harshwardhan Zala didn’t have access to the Internet at Home, He started to Spend long hours in a Cyber Café. He was often accompanied by His Grandfather as He was not Allowed into the Café without an Adult. One day at the Cyber Café, He came across a Demonstrative video, which Reflected How People Die due to Explosions in Undetected Land mines. After doing some Research, The 14-year-old found
that there is No such Solution to This Problem. So He worked on a Prototype and went to Different Companies to tell them about His Solution.

He went to about 12 Companies but was Rejected by all of them which Inspired Him to Found His own Company with the Money that He and his parents put together.

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