Jack Milner

Speak like a TED Expert

Jack Milner is an award winning former comedian and top comedy director, who provides organisations and individuals with all the tools required to influence, persuade and engage – in short, he shows attendees ‘how to speak like a stand up’. And his coaching works. As well as coaching numerous TED speakers, professional keynotes and CEO’s, the 3 top selling speakers in Europe and international ON24 Best Webinar winners (The Oscars for webinars) were also coached by Jack. A director and writer for over 100 West End, film and radio productions, Milner’s funny, insightful and refreshingly interactive masterclasses, explains how to take dry, technical information and render it clear, memorable and engaging, no matter who the audience is. Clients include: Google, Cisco, Ofsted, Commerzbank, AIG, TikTok and Microsoft; while he is also an adjunct for Ashridge Business School and visiting lecturer at Asia Business School/MIT.

Masterclass overview

Communicating effectively through good public speaking skills has never been so important. These days we judge leaders not by their track record but by the delivery and content of their presentation. In future the best public speakers will probably look and sound like stand-ups. Those endless, pointless PowerPoint presentations will no longer do the job. It is time to learn the skills of great public speaking.

In this refreshingly funny, insightful and interactive masterclass Jack Milner gives you all the tools needed to influence, persuade and engage with any audience. Whether you are talking to a large crowd at an off-site or presenting your strategy to the board – you will be able to take your audience with you and get your message across with perfection.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Deep understanding of public speaking and how to avoid being stranded alone in the land of the PowerPoint.
  • The skills to read an audience and guarantee you win them over every time.
  • The knowledge to create and deliver information that is clear, valuable and human-scale.
  • The tools needed to influence, persuade and inspire your audience.

What is covered?

  • Audience – The most important component of any presentation. How to grab them every time; how to make your material emotionally relevant; how to win over the hard-to-reach.
  • Brilliance – How to deliver confidently, authentically and with energy (like a stand-up); how to add stories, emotion and humour andmake your content memorable.
  • Clarity – How to ensure ideas flow logically and dynamically from one to another in a modern story-telling style; how to use colleague feedback.

Jack Milner combines expert insights, humor and unique exercises. Most communication skills coaching focuses on just the work environment, but this highly engaging masterclass is designed to improve your day- to-day communication, so that skills learned can be used in a range of situations.

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